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Golden National School, Golden, Cashel

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

31st Dec 2018

The boys and girls in Miss Kelly's room completed a block of work on the lovely story 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch '. It is a wonderful story about Mr Grinling and his wife who live in a little cottage on the cliffs with their cat Hamish. The Grinlings have a predicament where seagulls steal Mr Grinlings lunch every day .They try many ways to solve the problem but nothing works until finally Mrs Grinling has a brainwave! She stops the greedy gulls in their tracks with none other than, mustard sandwiches!!! 

The children had a great time delving into this book, so much so that we have ordered the next book in the series for next term.

Here are some snaps of their work on the story.